Every Body Is Beautiful as Featured on DOTE MAGAZINE


It all started at the beach. Young, modest and insecure; I found myself wading in the water wearing a one-piece Speedo covered with a t-shirt and board shorts. I’m not sure why I felt my thighs were embarrassing or that my body was something to be covered and unseen, I just know that by being covered up I was hiding. I was afraid.

It was at the beach that I saw mothers, women confidently in bikinis. I watched them in awe, and disbelief. How did they not feel concerned with all the people around them seeing their imperfect bodies? How did they get the confidence to so nonchalantly show themselves to the world?

Years have passed and I am now a mother myself. I think back to these moments I had when I was young, so insecure, yet, so amazed by the confidence these women exuded. Their freedom and confidence gave me permission to be OK with myself.

I could dress like myself.
I could be myself.
I could breathe.

It’s been a process, and I’d be lying if I said that I figured everything out. The whole journey has left a lasting impression on me and it is the reason why I photograph women in a way that claims back our womanliness and celebrates the female body for all of its strength and loveliness.

This shoot is a culmination of these things as well as so much more. Each woman pictured has been on her own unique journey, and I couldn’t be happier that we all ended up spending a chilly evening standing together in Mill Creek, Edmonton. My hope is that others will see these incredible, strong, smart, beautiful women as a source of encouragement and strength. That perhaps for a few, it might just be the first step on a road to self-discovery and self-love.

Let’s look out for each other, friends. Let’s take every possible opportunity to build each other up. You don’t know when a young girl, covered up in a speedo, will be watching.




DOTE Magazine



Marielle Elizabeth
Hannah Hamilton
Kendra Allen
Sharon Litchfield
Justine Ma
Anna Stein

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Jill Keech


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10 Responses to “Every Body Is Beautiful as Featured on DOTE MAGAZINE”

  1. Sandra

    These women are so beautiful!
    The images take the viewer on a rollercoaster – smiling at the beauty, laughing with the models, tenderness, heartache, love … it’s all there.
    Thank you Karmen for sharing this blog – your amazing photography skills and also your story, I never knew that was what you were feeling back then.
    Your girls have such a great roll model in their mom, one day they will realize how truly lucky they are!

  2. Karmen Meyer

    Thanks so so much!! And I am honestly so darn lucky to have so many strong female role models growing up. There is no denying how much it helped shape me!

  3. Lyndsay

    This is an absolutely gorgeous session. The women and the intention and message behind it. Well done

  4. Karly Ford

    Stunning!! Seriously! ah! So much emotion comes thru❤️ the ladies, the location, the shots! such a beautiful job

    • Karmen Meyer

      Oh thanks so, so much Karly. I will honestly never forget this day. Theis women showed up in such a BIG way <3

  5. Michel

    such a beautiful session and an incredible message. Great job Karmen

  6. Meg

    Such a gorgeous group of women and these photos are absolutely beautiful!

    • Karmen Meyer

      Thank you so much Meg!! And I completely agree, such a wonderful group of women <3

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#WCW Breanna Fitzpatrick + Lisa Nicholson

It’s #WCW!! And I’m very excited to introduce you to Breanna Fitzpatrick. Bre is a leader and creator in the nonprofit community. She is constantly pushing for the small initiatives to grow with her involvement. She is a very busy woman who outside of her full-time schedule at Red Deer College has the alumni development coordinator, volunteers on numerous boards and committees. Her active life doesn’t stop her from taking on new projects, or sway her from supporting local businesses. You will find her at the local coffee shop mentoring others or paying it forward by buying strangers coffee. She believes women should help one another out and not be competitive with each other she is here to make red deer a better place by creating a movement in the nonprofit community.

AND Lisa Nicholson. Lisa founded Hope4MVCKids Society in 2013, out of a need for children with medical needs support, financially and emotionally. Her own children, biological and adopted, have special medical needs that were not easily met. She knew things had to change. The ‘Pay It Forward’ attitude that she possesses spread quickly and soon and an entire Society was created. She stepped up to challenges and overcame unfair regulations and laws. Lisa has become highly involved in the Alberta Provincial Parent Advisory Committee to the Alberta Ministry of Health and continues to give to the community by being an advocate for those without a voice. Her empathy and understanding is without comparison. Accomplishments aside, her biggest success is enriching the lives of everyone around her.

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Here’s to trying new things!

I’m going to do something that I’ve wanted to do for AGES friends. I’m going to make some of my favourite photos available as Fine Art Prints (and you didn’t hear it from me, but maybe iphone cases and tapestries too!) so that all of you (my favourites) can enjoy them as well!! Seriously, who doesn’t want a little piece of Hawaii or California Desert to stare at in the dead of winter?! I am feeling so, so excited about this but, if I’m totally honest, I still have a lot of details to work out lol. So stay tuned!!

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