Honest Review | Nisolo Heeled Chelsea


Well the snow has made a return, so it seemed like the perfect time to give you an honest review of these gorgeous boots which have proven to be season-less.

So I am not going to lie, I got off to a bad start with Nisolo.  I purchased a pair of smoking shoes (flat, loafer type) and even though they were absolutely gorgeous, there was a bit of damage on them from one of the shoe clamps and sadly I had to be send them back at my expense.  Then they were misplaced in their warehouse and the entire process ground to a halt.  In the meantime they sold out of my size, and on and on and on this story goes.  I swear we ran into every problem imaginable, but I do have to say that they handled it with grace and did everything they could to make it right!!

And so at the end of it all, I ended up with these beautiful Brandy Heeled Chelsea Boots (even though I ordered black lol).



And I LOVE them.  They have been a perfect addition to my closet and have helped me create tons of new outfits with my existing wardrobe.  So let me break it down into pros and cons for you.


  1. Such classic, stylish looking boot!  They are just beautiful friends.
  2. Incredibly versatile.  I love pairing them with everything from dresses to overalls.  I have been loving wearing them all winter with wool socks!
  3. Both available colours are perfect.  They come in a weatherproof black and this brandy colour.  I was worried the brandy would be to rich of a colour for my wardrobe but it turns out to be the perfect pop of warmth!  Gosh I am so happy with the colour.
  4. They are comfortable….. once broken in, which took a few wears.  I wear them ALL. THE. TIME!




  1. You have to order from a third party, Garmentory, if you are in Canada.
  2. They take a bit of time to break-in.  I was honestly worried I ordered a size to small but now they are perfect!
  3. There is no padding in the sole.  My beloved Poppy Barley boots have spoiled me with memory-foam in the soles.  These boots are very comfortable, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss the cozy padding my PBs have.

All-in-all, these have become an absolute go-to pair of boots and have held up beautifully in Alberta’s change of seasons.  I dont’ want my struggles deter you from ordering from Nisolo!  It really seems that my experience is not the normal costumer experience for them.  And these boots were 100% worth all the little challenges!



I hope that helps!  Questions?  Comments?  Fire away!


P.S.  I am also wearing Only Child Dune Pants and a notPERFECTlinen cardigan.

*While the first pair of shoes I ordered were on my own dime, Nisolo gifted me these boots in exchange for photos.  My review however was NOT paid for.  It is just honest feedback on my experience.  Just want to make sure that these reviews are always 100% transparent!


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Donna Abma | Women Of Excellence


Another shoutout for an amazing woman! Donna is the director of Stepping Stones, a program that supports pregnant or parenting young women and their families, through the Central Alberta Youth Unlimited in Lacombe. She provides them with connections to social support, domestic abuse support, career advice, mental and physical health care, and even spiritual well-being. She has also organized many sessions on basic living skills such as budgeting and parenting. She provides this without judgment or hesitation and always goes above and beyond. She is very compassionate, loving and always encouraging. Donna is living and breathing definition of girl power and believes in women helping women. Donna works hard to elevate a generation of younger women who need the guidance of their elders.

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Ok, so the truth is the print shop has already been live for about a month and I am just now blogging about it now (fail).  But despite the turtle-like pace, I am honestly SO excited to share some of my most beloved prints from around the globe with you! Ahhh, like I’m actually a little embarrassed to say how giddy I was putting the first two collections together!

I really think there is something for everyone and I hope that you guys love it as much as I do!  And out of pure, selfish curiosity, I would love to know which piece(s) are your favourite!  You can check them all out HERE!

IThank-you, thank-you to everyone who has already ordered, I legit did a little happy dance for each and every one.  You guys are the best!

And to everyone who hasn’t, can’t or doesn’t want to that’s totally cool too!  I am just so excited that you are here to hang.






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