Could we really part with everything we have built?

Maybe it’s because I was completely exhausted from a 6.5 hour red-eye flight with two children.  Or perhaps it was the cute little off-the-grid cottage that we stayed at in Maui (pictures above!!).  Or it could have even been the wonderful simplicity of living with only a bag full of clothes and toiletries.  But after two weeks of travelling, when I stepped back into the home I adore, it suddenly felt HUGE and overwhelming. I turned to Brad and said, “I’ve never felt more ready to downsize”

It’s something that has loomed in the back of our minds for a while now.  But the truth is, we absolutely love our home.  We built it ourselves, planted the grass and trees.  We love it here and have hundreds of little (and big) projects in mind to make it even better.  But neither of us can seem to shake the feeling that we just don’t need the extra space, the extra stuff, the extra costs.

The idea of downsizing is sort of intoxicating.  But will it  actually be a positive forward step for our family?  Or will it turn out that cute little homes are really only practical for a two week vacation?  Have you ever toyed with idea of downsizing your home?  Anyone actually done it?!  I would love to hear your thoughts!





8 Responses to “Could we really part with everything we have built?”

  1. Andrea

    My husband and I more than ever are ready to downsize. We also built our house on an acreage, landscapes, planted trees etc. But after having a big home and a big yard, we realize we don’t need it. So hard to start getting rid of stuff, and I’m sure I’ll miss it when it’s gone, but the more stuff we have, the less time we have. It’s gotta go!!

  2. Leigh

    I think these is something really freeing about downsizing and un-complicating life! We’re actually thinking of doing something similar to facilitate hassle-free travelling — I hate leaving a big, empty house and worrying about what will happen while we’re away (although there is less worrying now that we live in Canada compared to before in South Africa). I think a nice lock up and go, small and easy to clean sounds right up my alley! But its always hard to follow through on the talk. But besides that, I love these shots! They’re gorgeous. And I’m kind of jealous you’ve just been a on a summer holiday!

    • Karmen Meyer

      Travel is a HUGE part of it for me too!! Every time we leave it feels like such an ordeal. And your totally right, the follow-through is def the hard part haha. I’m starting small and trying with making what we have better. Going room by room and getting rid of any ‘stuff’ we don’t use or find beautiful!!

  3. Tracey Jazmin

    I really love the idea of this. I think I could totally do it. Practically thinking, who wants to waste their time cleaning all of the space anyway. I also hate useless “stuff” so this has me thinking since my bf and I are wanting a new home, but perhaps just one with a different layout is key here.

  4. Emilie Iggiotti

    I had to downsize due to personal reasons and it felt good! We don’t need all that crap! Hahaha!

    • Karmen Meyer

      I 100% agree!! I love the freedom of less stuff!

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