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What’s To Come {AFRICA} | Edmonton & International Photographer

I am working on a bunch of blog posts from my trip to Africa!!    The first one should be up tomorrow, but in the meantime you should check out this fantastic video from the super talented, all-round rad guy and 1/3 of our little media team, Ryan Geleynse.  It is so beautiful and brings back… Read more »

Amathuba Housing Project {AFRICA} | Edmonton & International Photographers

A little refresher; we are visiting a housing project called Amathuba in Embo, South Africa. We have the fantastic Robert Zuma as our generous tour guide.  Since Suzi, the founder of this housing project, passed, Robert has taken on most of the leadership.  Although he has no ‘actual’ education, Robert is driven and knows how… Read more »

Lillian and Her Home {AFRICA} | Edmonton & International Photographers

So I have been pretty terrible at sharing photos from Africa.  The truth is, there is just so many and I don’t even know where to begin or what to do with them!! Right now the CRWRC is using them for a website and educational purposes within universities and churches in North America; but, I… Read more »