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November 9, 2011 | Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Day #8-  Rise and Shine, it’s a beautiful day!  And let me tell you, the view at Kipepeo (Swahili for butterfly) is even more impressive then it was at night; the Indian Ocean is clear, blue and inviting while the beach is made of whitest and softest sand I have ever seen.  I think I am ready to just set up camp and never leave. But, the caravan has different plans…

Today is our second concert!  However due to the available electricity and occasional WiFi, FINALLY,  Ruth, Ryan and I decided to stay back to get some work done.  For the majority of the day we sit inside a beach hut, enjoying the silence, the view and the work.   That being said, we just couldn’t resist a couple sea-side walks and my FIRST EVER SWIM IN THE OCEAN!!  It was slightly terrifying (upon seeing some jellyfish I refused to go in past my head) and absolutely spectacular.  It was during one of these little breaks that Ruth and I encountered some locals  selling there handmade jewellery, shells, and dried sea animals.  I don’t know what it was about these three, normally I would scurry away so not to be guilted into a purchase.  But, they were open and kind and it was great to talk to them.  And, of course, take their picture! ENJOY!!




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  1. SherryAnn

    These are beautiful, thanks again for sharing your experinces with us all!!

  2. Karmen Meyer

    Just trying to make my Mama proud =)

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