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I promised to let you know about the rest of our fantastic day exploring Kenya, so here it is!!

November 5, 2011 | Nairobi, Kenya

After getting our fill of adorable, over-sized baby animals we traveled from the Elephant Orphanage to a place called Kitengela Glass House.  We were so happy to have an amazing driver, Martin, to take us there.  He safely took us through wonderful villages, across a couple fields and over some very… let’s call them rural roads.  When we finally arrived, we were embraced by a secret garden made of glass and concrete.
There was so much to see and feel, I actually took very little photos.  Quite simply, I didn’t know where to begin.  There was building after building, path after path, animal after animal….. everything sparkled and had it’s own texture.  There is no way to capture the way it really felt in a photo.

But, I did give it a shot, so here is glimpse of what we experienced:

Kitengela is a fantastic place where all things wonderful are made of recycled glass.  These stunning pieces of jewelry, dishes, sculptures, etc are created by “over fifty local people who have been trained [at Kitengela] and work in various disciplines”.  And to top it off, Nani, the Glass House’s founder “has planted thousands of trees, granted school fees or tried to find sponsors, repaired roads and improved security, as well as, saves raw materials by using recycling glass and other resources” {}

Kitengela has some AMAZING, Eco-friendly guest houses that look out across Kenya’s National Park!  Ruth was so inspired she jumped into the gorgeous pool, clothes and all.  Can’t say I wasn’t tempted join her!

Yes, it is a pretty amazing place.  And just in case you haven’t had enough, here is an awesome video from Ryan!

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