Africa Journal {WE HAVE FAITH CARAVAN} Day 11 | Edmonton & International Photographer

November 12, 2011 | Chitimba, Malawi to Lilongwe, Malawi
Day #11- And we are off, leaving lake Malawi much to soon.  Part way into the drive we discover we are stopping in Mzuzu, Malawi for a flash mob and mini-concert!  As it is with most of the caravan activities, we knew nothing about this, haha.  I never really figured out if there was a communication problem or if things were really getting planned this last minute.  But either way, it was great little concert, so much more personal then the ones hosted in the capital cities!


Been wondering what the trucks looked like?  That’s them in the above photo.

TenSing Norway, as well as, the other speakers and performers put on an awesome show for everyone that gathered!

Ryan taught a couple of the boys to use the camera!  They were so excited about that.

That was definitely not the only teaching going on.  Caravan members were out and about talking to everyone about the purpose of the caravan and, of course, collecting more petitions!

Where you find a group of people, you will definitely find somebody selling something.  I am glad to have met this bunch!

After the concert, we piled back on to the trucks and headed to our next campsite.  We arrived at the not so fantastic Mybuya Campsite at around sunset.  It was in the middle of Lusaka (Malawi’s capital) and lacked that gorgeous countryside appeal.  Also, they had very little water; it ran out completely only 45minutes after our caravan arrived!  But it didn’t matter much, everyone was tired from a full day.  We had supper, attended some meetings and went to sleep.



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