2010 a {adventure packed} year in review…… and what a year it’s been……

2010; 2010; what memories is it that you hold.  Many of those who know me, know that I have a really bad concept of date and time.  Certain things feel like yesterday, others like ages ago even though it may have only happened days before.  It is a blessing and curse, and has forced me into a habit of writing things down, otherwise my memory would surely hide it for a later date.  So bear with me as I try to dig up some of my favorite, lost and important memories of 2010!  This is the first time I have ever attempted such a feat, let’s see what my hectic memory brings back. ENJOY!!

I am thinking this will not be chronological but just simply as it comes a to mind and of course illustrated with some of my favorite photos of the year. To begin, certainly the first memory that I welcome is that I got to celebrate my 1st wedding anniversary this September, umm I mean August 21st (told you I am bad with dates and stuff) with my awesome husband Bradley!!!!  We spent the whole time working hard on our new 1948 {very} retro house!  Yup thats right, 1 year of marriage and the buying of our first home!!  Only part of a very busy year!

During the spring of 2010 I was very proud to graduate from NAIT’s Photographic Technology Program with numerous scholarships and awards!!  I did decide to work for NAIT photographing the Convocation instead of being part of it but heck I got to take photos of  Arlene Dickinson {the dragons den} and Kevin Martin {Canada’s Olympic Curling Team}!!  And since I obviously had no time to get my grad photos done I took some for myself =)

Also, I was super pumped to find out that I won the Grand Prize in Edmonton Journals 2010 Photo Contest!!!  Its was a fantastic prize that attracted hundreds of people to my website in a single day and thousands after that from around the globe!!  It also helped me afford some of my equipment that I needed =)  I still feel slightly in shock that won, I NEVER win anything!

2010 Grand Prize Winning Photo of my beautiful sister Isabelle!

During 2010 I had the opportunity to meet soo many amazing people in the industry whether it be other photographers, make-artists, creative directors or designers!!  Some of the highlights was that I got to spend 2 weeks on a work experience with the ever talented Ashley Champagne.  It was awesome to watch the beginnings of her new magazine Georgie and be able to assist on a Georgie shoot later on in the year.  It was an absolute joy spending time with Ashley, she is such a fun person and an amazing photog!!  Thanks for a great time Ash =)


Did I mention I got to meet the amazing Joe McNally.  Many of you would know him by the many photos he shot for National Geographic and LIFE magazine =)  An unforgettable weekend! Such an amazing photographer!

Me and Joe Mcnally!!

Shot snagged from the back of the auditorium during Joe’s demonstration.  Handheld.  I was shocked it came out so well.  No post.

I also spent another summer assisting an amazing Edmonton Wedding Photographer, Kelly Redinger.  And a fantastically fun summer it was =)  Additionally, I had the absolute pleasure of working with super talented and super fun Roth & Ramberg, two of the best commercial photographers out there.

Shot while assisting Kelly =)

And last but certainly not least I started my very own photography company, Karmen Meyer Photography.  It has been an amazing adventure full of some seriously amazing people and photo-shoots, as well as the many frustrations of the ‘business side’.  But I can honestly say I am totally happy with my decision jump in 100% wholeheartedly;  I may have been 100% drained some days but other days I was 100% fulfilled.  This entire year I was overwhelmed with the encouragement of tons of friends, family, followers and facebook fans that helped me and pushed me to further my photography.  Seriously, all your emails and comments all mean so much to me and have really helped shape my photography.  I went in thinking it was going be a slow first year;  but it turned out to be filled with so many amazing clients!  I would be lying if I said I was prepared for it all, and that I even had a hope of staying on top of the workload.  I totally appreciate everyones faith in me and of course your patience as I continue to improve my workflow and business end =)  Here are just a few of my favorite images from 2010 to add to the above, whats your fave?!?!

In no particular order:

The above photos was developed in Instant Coffee and Vitamin C!!  How crazy weird is that?   Thought it was pretty cool.

First Ever Boudoir Marathon!!  Visit my DESIRE BOUDOIR to see more!!

The Actual Proposal;  I will remember this magical moment forever!

Over all, this year has definitely been a year of changes and growing up.  This is the first year since Gr.10 {yes I am talking about highschool!) that I was unable to indulge in my persistent travel bug because of all the commitments of the new business, house, etc.  Many of my friends graduated university, got married and many even are starting families.  Some relationships faded but the important ones only grew stronger.

I hope that 2011 will allow me to spend more time and energy on the things I truly love and am passionate about.  I have so much more to learn and look forward to pushing myself to become stronger photographer and a better person!  I wish you all the best in a new year full of new hopes, new dreams, and new possibilities.  Life is what you make it; here’s to a Happy New Year!

P.S  A huge thanks to Brendan Klem and Jo Rodenburg and everyone else who helped on all the shoots. Absolutely couldn’t have done it without all of you =)

P.P.S What were your favorite parts of 2010!? And what are you looking forward to in 2011??!!

P.P.P.S Don’t forget to check out these funny Karmen Meyer Photography Videos & Photobooths!!

P.P.P.S Check out kmeyerphotography.com & desireboudoir.wordpress.com to see more of my work.  ENJOY!!

4 Responses to “2010 a {adventure packed} year in review…… and what a year it’s been……”

  1. Donna Gelineau

    Every new photograph you post is my favorite. I must say the absolute favorite is the one that won you the Journal award. Followed by the series you did on fairy tales. Keep up the amazing work!

  2. Helma

    Hey Karm,
    Awesome little review of the year, I must agree that I am always excited to see your new photo’s and every new one is my favorite. It has been so cool to see your talents, and the way you have improved in the past. From always having your camera with you in school etc, to becoming a professional who everyone loves. You are so talented!! I hope i will be able to share with you always!
    Love Helma

  3. Geri Sonnenberg

    Wow! What an amazing year! And what amazing photos! My fav is the first one – the wedding couple on the hill – I’ve always loved that one! And I’ve always assumed that it’s you and Brad – but not so sure now. Congratulations Karmen!

  4. Ann Cassidy McDougall

    Wow, you sure have talent – amazing photographs. We look forward to following what will be an awesome career!!

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