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Rebecca | Genuine Portrait Series

I have always been drawn to simple portraits.  You know the kind that pull you in a hold you there.  Somehow frozen in time, is this person and their personality.  No distractions, no bells and whistles.  It’s genuine and it’s  pretty wonderful.     I have known for a while that I wanted to start… Read more »

The Skinny | Curated Adorableness for Adventurers

I am so excited to share a few images that I shot for THE SKINNY in Maui earlier this year! If you haven’t already, stop by and peruse a wonderfully curated selection of clothing for adventurers of all ages!!  ENJOY!

Amor Jewellery | Edmonton Fashion Photographer

A while back I worked with the wonderful AMOR!  Amor makes gorgeous handcrafted jewellery and I was thrilled to work on this lifestyle/fashion shoot with them.  Here are some of the images. ENJOY!! Truly, Karmen   Model: Chelsea Mondoux Jewellery: Amor // Hair/Make-Up: Nicola Gavins //     © Karmen Meyer Photography 2013. All images… Read more »